Getting the Facts Straight

Those who’ve mobilized to disincorporate our Village have labeled themselves “Reclaim Richland” and have a website with posts and responses that contain statements ranging from unfounded to misleading, to just plain untrue.

We’ve taken some time to get the facts straight to cut through the heated innuendo .. please click on the link below for a fact sheet that we hope will help Village and Township residents to understand some of the issues more clearly.

fact sheet

Getting the Facts Straight

Richland Village residents have complete control over the policies, services and governance of the Village – far more so than if the Village were just a part of the larger Township budget and oversight. More development and residences are underway for the immediate future; our tax base and opportunities will grow. The Village Council serves at the pleasure of the Village voters. Village Council seats are open to those who want to run; volunteer efforts are welcome and sought. Reasoned, thoughtful and respectful collaboration has always achieved and can continue to achieve anything we want in our Village. Let’s keep it that way!


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