Village provides value for Township residents

How does Preserving the Village of Richland preserve value for Township residents?
Here’s one example:
You may have noted an interesting & timely article on MLive on Friday, April 15. Oshtemo Township just finalized a contract with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Department for one extra deputy, on top of their existing arrangement for police coverage, for ‘community policing’ .. presence in schools and work with local businesses and neighborhood watch groups … for an incremental $122,000 per year. That’s in addition to their $1.08 million contract for 2016 police patrol coverage.
We understand that Ross Township’s arrangement with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department enables four (4) ten-hour shifts per week. After time for paperwork and court appearances, this delivers about 32 hours of patrol coverage per week … at a cost of about $120,000. Compare this to Village police coverage and costs in this major highway confluence: 133 hours per week (19 hours per day, 7 days a week), for net budget cost of $185,000 plus fuel and auto depreciation expenses.
Community policing is a service that Richland Township residents currently receive for free, for those schools, businesses and watch groups in our current Village, courtesy of the taxpayers in our central square mile.
If the Village is disincorporated, we all get to enjoy the process of entering into negotiations to re-engage police services for our residents, schools and businesses. Not just community policing, but even basic police patrol coverage in Richland Township. How much might this cost? No one can say right now.
Another example why ‘Reclaim Richland’ is such a misleading and deficient idea for our community .. there’s no plan, no precedent, and no answers, just many questions.
Township and Village voters together, let’s vote No on May 3 to Preserve Richland Village and move on to work together to drive real solutions for our community.
Vote No on May 3 to Preserve Richland Village

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