Letter to township residents from Bo Van Peenan


“Shall incorporation of the Village of Richland be vacated?”

I can’t speak for Village residents other than to say I know many of them oppose this proposal, for good reason.

As a long term Township resident active in both Village and Township matters, however, I suggest this proposal might better ask:

“Should the taxpayers of Richland Township assume authority and all operational costs of the Village of Richland?”

Those bringing this issue to the ballot make a rather curious pair of statements in their literature:

Passage of this proposal, they say, will “Lower taxes for Village property owners” and will “Improve services to all Village residents.”

This implies that (1) they not only want to keep the extra services they now enjoy, but (2) they want these extra services improved or expanded, and (3) they expect Township residents to subsidize the financial costs.

This proposal was brought to the voters some fifteen years ago, also by a handful of disgruntled Village residents. It was overwhelmingly defeated by Township and Village residents.

It should be defeated again… Please vote NO on May 3.

Bo Van Peenan, Richland Township


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