What does ‘disincorporation’ mean for the Village?

Disincorporation means that the Village ceases to exist as a municipal entity.

Village government folds shop – stops collecting Village taxes, Village services are eliminated, and what today is the Village gets absorbed into the Township. Village Police are disbanded, with police coverage provided by the County Sheriff Department, with the corresponding reduction in coverage and increase in response times. Snowplowing would be provided by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission, again with the loss of local service and increased wait times for them to get to our streets.

What’s not clear is whether there would truly be a savings to taxpayers, as the impact of absorbing governance of the Village on Township taxes is indeterminate.

Other follow-on effects are likely to be reduction in property values in the Village, higher insurance costs for Village businesses due to elimination of local police, elimination of Village master planning and zoning.

Bottom line: disincorporation will eliminate valued services that Village residents and businesses have enjoyed for decades. Our Village is a center of community and commerce, not just a crossroads … let’s build a better solution!


One thought on “What does ‘disincorporation’ mean for the Village?

  1. I would like to point out that Richland Village was incorporated in 1871. It is no small thing to throw away 144 years of history as an incorporated village. It would be very sad to lose that because some people might have a dislike of the local police department, or police in general, or feel that they would like to be free of village tax – which would then eliminate village sevices. I am a very strong supporter of the Richland Police, and I think they do an excellent job, particularly as it relates to their presence within the Gull Lake Community Schools, and also in monitoring traffic safety in the village. I believe very strongly in community policing and visibility, and the benefits it provides to a community, particularly in crime reduction and general safety. Do not become lulled into a false sense of security just because the Village of Richland is a safe community, and start to think that police aren’t necessary because it is so safe. Perhaps it is a safe community BECAUSE of the very fact that it has a strong police presence around, at least in part. It is invaluable to have them so close to the schools in this day and age. I live in the Township, and believe me, I wish I had purchased a home in the village. We have a very long wait for response from the Kalamazoo Co. Sheriff Dept. in the township. Please value the many great things that living in an incorporated village like Richland can offer.


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