What does ‘disincorporation’ mean for the Village?

Disincorporation means that the Village ceases to exist as a municipal entity.

Village government folds shop – stops collecting Village taxes, Village services are eliminated, and what today is the Village gets absorbed into the Township. Village Police are disbanded, with police coverage provided by the County Sheriff Department, with the corresponding reduction in coverage and increase in response times. Snowplowing would be provided by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission, again with the loss of local service and increased wait times for them to get to our streets.

What’s not clear is whether there would truly be a savings to taxpayers, as the impact of absorbing governance of the Village on Township taxes is indeterminate.

Other follow-on effects are likely to be reduction in property values in the Village, higher insurance costs for Village businesses due to elimination of local police, elimination of Village master planning and zoning.

Bottom line: disincorporation will eliminate valued services that Village residents and businesses have enjoyed for decades. Our Village is a center of community and commerce, not just a crossroads … let’s build a better solution!


Be a part of the solution!

To concerned citizens of the Village of Richland and Township of Richland, Michigan:

There will be a vote on May 3, 2016 to disincorporate the Village of Richland.

Some local individuals have circulated a petition and secured enough signatures to place the question to voters on a proposal to disincorporate the Village of Richland. 

Our group of concerned citizens and community leaders believes fundamentally that this would be the wrong direction for our community. We’ve started this website to help you educate yourself about disincorporation, so that you can carefully consider your vote.

Perhaps you’re a Village resident who chose to live here, and you understand that living in the Village has so many factors contributing to a great quality of life for our families and neighbors – close access to the schools, neighborhood atmosphere, local police protection by people who know our homes and families, and walking/biking distance to our great Library. Not to mention services such as locally-provided snowplowing, leaf and brush collection, and streets maintenance. This Village is a great place to live.

Please check back often for more information to help you make an educated decision on the future of our Village. We hope you’ll agree on the value of the services we pay for, and more fundamentally the spirit of community that comes from living in a Village … and we look forward to encouraging all of us to come together to be part of the solution!